Algarve Portugal Holidays

Algarve Portugal Holidays

Algarve Portugal Holidays
The captivating coast of the Algarve has so much to offer, from white sandy beaches, scalloped bays, cobbled streets, vibrant bars, seafood restaurants and markets. Situated on the sunny southern coast of Portugal, this region is world renowned for its golf courses that attract people from all over the world. The breathtaking beaches that stretch across for miles, framed by beautiful golden cliffs with an ocean in various shades of blue are perfect for Algarve Portugal Holidays. And the warm and calm waters lures water enthusiasts to the various thrilling water sports this stunning region has to offer. But that’s just a part of this sunny coast. The magnetic inner area boasts historic villages, flower-covered hills, amazing bird life and an incredible hiking trail that crosses over the region.


The climate is gorgeous and mild all year round. With long, hot summers, mild winters and a low annual average rainfall, travelers are attracted to this region at any time of the year.


The spectacular crystal clear turquoise and blue waters of the sea, with soft white sand and golden cliffs nestled among the rocks provide stunning backdrops that make this region unique. With over 200 km of coastline, it is perfect for any water sport, including surfing, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving and parasailing.


The region of Algarve Portugal has been voted several times as the world’s best golfing location and has won numerous international awards and prizes. This region has approximately 40 golf courses lining the coast that are suitable for golf professionals, or for anyone still learning the sport.


Visitors who love nature and land have so much to discover in this region, and with so many exciting excursions and activities, it makes a perfect holiday location. With multiple trails for walking, biking, or horseback riding, the outdoor activities are abundant. If you’re looking for more thrilling experiences, hiking, kite surfing, rock climbing, zip wiring, wakeboarding, paragliding and bike riding over hills are available for the more adventurous type. Also available are the water parks, theme parks, zoos and boat trips along the incredible coastline and through the caves.  For calmer experiences, the Algarve also provides boat trips to see whales and dolphins.


The cuisine is naturally seafood and fresh fish that’s either grilled or stewed. However, more inland you’ll find more meat dishes. The Algarve cuisine comes from the freshest seafood and fish from the sea, served along with fresh local vegetables and fruits. Most of the dishes include clams, oysters, and cockles, grilled or cooked in a frying pan. Some of the more popular dishes are razor clam rice, clam xerem (stew with maize meal), whelk bean stew and seafood açorda, which is a bread casserole. Although fish and seafood dishes are a staple in Portugal, each region cooks their dishes with different seasonings, and each has their unique way of cooking them. As the region varies from the mountains to the coast, so does the cuisine.

At the end of the meal, figs, fruits, almonds, and carob are eaten alone or used to make sought after sweets. Some of the sweets are almond or fig cakes, marzipan (almond paste) in little fruit shapes, stuffed figs, cheeses and fig truffles. The sweets are usually served with fig brandy, or bitter almond liqueur, used as a digestive at the end of a marvelous meal.


Bars and clubs are plenty in this region, especially in the cosmopolitan areas like Vilamoura, Portimao, and Albufeira. Throughout the year there are different events such as Carnival, traditional fairs and festivals, music and food festivals, and historical re-enactments which are exhibited all over the region.

Hotels In Algarve

The hotels in Algarve have their distinct qualities, providing various activities, scenery, and experiences. Central Algarve is where you’ll find many hotels, restaurants, bars, tourism activities, and shops. There are also many resorts on the beach or with beach access. But whether you’re looking for certain amenities, like pools, gyms, or spas, or just wanting a spectacular view from your room, there are hotels and resorts available for any budget.

Faro Airport

The Algarve is a a short flight from any location in Europe; however, travelers from all over the globe visit the Algarve by flying into Faro Airport. Since the climate is mild all year round, you can visit anytime you find cheap flights to Faro airport.

Algarve Portugal Holidays are great for family holidays. And the top things to do in this region are free – beaches, landscapes and culture. A fabulous aspect of holidays in the Algarve is that it fits any budget, it can be as lavish or as inexpensive as your budget permits. For a memorable family holiday or a romantic trip for couples, the Algarve has a bounty to offer with sun, sea and natural wonder. Thank you for visiting Faro Airport Transfers.