Alvor – A Genuine Fishing Village In Algarve

Alvor Algarve
Alvor Algarve
Foto by Rick Amos owner of Trigana Boat Trips

Alvor is a small fishing village located in the Algarve region in Portugal with an official population of around six thousand people, seeing that number skyrocket in the Summer time by having thousands of tourists arrive to enjoy the unique offerings this town has consistently delivered throughout the years. Most of the housing in Alvor consists of one to two-story high white colored homes with narrow streets in the heart of the town. Alvor has a rich history that dates back to the fourth century which you can read about on Wikipedia.

Alvor has been developing itself in to a world class travel destination in the last 30 years, having seen its commercial offerings and basic infrastructure develop to accommodate the growing number of tourists who seek it, to enjoy unique food experiences, stunning views and a population of local residents who give Alvor its unique character and ambience. The friendly laid-back nature of the local population who mostly make their living working for the hospitality and fishing industries distinguishes them from most towns in Algarve, because they have throughout the years, managed to keep their town genuine and truly Portuguese both in appearance and character. Alvor is a town run by families for families. This family owned Alvor Car Hire company is an excellent choice to hire a car to enjoy the area.

There are particular scenes that shouldn’t be ignored, that give this town a flavor that will keep you coming back for more once you have had the opportunity to visit, like watching men gut and scale fresh fish by the river, surrounded by seagulls that are eagerly awaiting to eat what fishy leftovers get thrown to them, while local fishermen gather clams, oysters and other mussels on the river bed, or contemplating fresh fish get grilled outside at Jose Morgadinho, while Anibal cheerfully plays Portuguese music with his accordion for delighted patrons and passerbys, the magnificent sunsets that can be seen towards Lagos, across the harbor, where masts, sails and a festival of light and colour provide the perfect scenery for authentic Portuguese culinary experiences at the various restaurants located by the river and in the village. Alvor is a town for families and couples who want to get away from the exasperation of busy cities and overcast weather.

There are many activities to keep you busy in Alvor, like taking long walks on the beach or the boardwalk through the dunes between the beach and the harbor or going on a fishing or sailing trip with one of the many local providers near the harbor like Trigana Boat Trips for example. Alvor is also home to golf courses at the Penina Golf Resort and Alvor Alto Golf, there is even a small airport where you you can make skydiving arrangements!
If you enjoy water sports, there are various companies that will rent out and provide instruction for surfing, windsurfing, para-surfing, jet-skiing, paddleboarding, etc.. Alvor is also home to an entertaining nightlife where you can enjoy a wide variety of pubs, bars and restaurants providing live music both current and traditional like Fado for example, there are also various karaokee bars and more alternative options where you can enjoy, Brazilian, Jazz and other live small-scale events. Getting to Alvor is as easy as booking a private airport transfer from Faro airport.

If enjoying a spectacular beach is in your plans for your next holiday, Alvor has a 4KM stretch of stunning white sand and crystal clean waters that is accessible to anyone, even if you happen to require wheelchair access.
There are various restaurants located directly on the beach and in the Summer, beach chairs, beds and sun umbrellas are rented out at reasonable prices. Alvor has also become a popular location for happy couples to tie the knot as its 15th-century church and wide range of restaurants and professional wedding planning agencies provide solutions to fit any budget.

Alvor Fishermen
It should come at no surprise that Alvor has a growing expat community from various countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Ireland who have permanently moved to Portugal to enjoy their retirement in a welcoming town who sees their presence as enriching for the community. The growing number of tourists who seek Alvor and the Algarve in general in the winter time is also a clear indicator that growth is certain and a challenge for the local community who must continue their efforts in maintaining the charm that can easily be lost if it succumbs to commercial pressures of mass tourism.

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