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Retiring In The Algarve

The Algarve is the southernmost point of Portugal. This coastal region boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the area. The beaches stretch on as far as anyone can see and there are many areas with large yellow cliffs that look out of the sea as well. The Algarve offers something for everyone; for those who enjoy the mountains, the mountain region is full of residents who are willing to share their culture. The bustling main town of Faro is considered the gateway to the region.

When researching flight information many will be pleasantly surprised to discover several travel sites offer cheap flights to Faro airport. It is important to research all of the travel sites that offer flights, lodging and package deals in order to compare and find the best deal but there are several flights that are advertised round trip for around the five hundred dollar price point. Those flying in to the Algarve will take Faro airport transfers out of the airport and into the coastal towns. There are several taxi and mini bus companies that provide Faro airport transfers to get travelers safely to their hotels in Algarve or other destinations.

Now that you have landed you will need a place to stay. There is no shortage of hotels in Algarve. The southern coast has been home to a rebirth of building to accommodate tourists who want to see the Mediterranean town and experience the history, wine, hiking, golf and coastal tours. The coast has an expansive variety of lodging ranging from upscale boutiques, quaint inns, romantic getaways and family friendly hotels. In addition to coastal lodging, Algarve has lodging in town to keep tourists near the city centers and everything they have to offer such as diverse dining options, shopping and night life and there is also lodging options in the mountains for those seeking a more secluded get away that also includes being surrounded by nature and taking in everything the mountain region has to offer such as hiking trails and wildlife.

Algarve is a desired retirement destination. There are two municipalities that are especially appealing for those looking at retiring in the Algarve, Silves and Lagoa both feature the best of everything the area has to offer. These two areas feature medieval towns, fishing villages, open-air markets and local wine. The towns have fig, almond and olive trees naturally growing as useful and decorative vegetation and the streets are made of cobblestone. Houses in these areas are whitewashed and the coastal area of Lagoa and Silves has some of the most brilliant beaches in all of Europe.

There is no need to wonder why those retiring in the Algarve would consider this area over some of the mountainous regions. Additionally, this region is a top choice for retirees because Portugal has international standard healthcare which is ideal for those who need hip replacements, dental procedures and other common surgeries associated with aging. Most of Portugal is English speaking and the property value market is one of the best price for rent markets in the region. Retirees can live a modest retirement on about $1500 a month. Retirees benefit from a healthy eating lifestyle here as well, with such a warm climate, fresh produce and fresh caught fight are available year round.

Portugal is also the 17th safest country in the world and this region draws in retirees who love to golf, there are nearly fifty golf courses within a 100 mile span. With so much offered to enhance a retirees golden years this is a great region to consider for retirement. Thank you for visiting the Faro Airport Transfers Blog and for booking your airport transfers with Faroairporttransfers.net