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The Incomparable Water Sports Adventures Found in Algarve

Algarve in southern Portugal is visited every year by nearly 10 million people, and has become a premier destination for water sports enthusiasts. Your path to the best water based adventure begins with finding cheap flights to Faro Airport. With over 100 miles of sparkling coastline between the southernmost coastal areas and western coastal areas, people frequenting hotels in Algarve love discovering water themed tours and lessons. You’ll find you can learn water skills like windsurfing, jet skiing, paddle boarding, recreational diving, spear fishing and more.

The Most Popular Water Sports Adventures in Portugal

Visitors find many water centered activities to please every taste and to create memorable water themed adventures. Whether you simply love the feeling of wind in your hair or the buoyant feeling of being immersed in blue shimmering water, you’ll love the water sports opportunities found in Portugal. Here are some of the most exciting sports available:


Swimming provides a fantastic workout for people of all ages. It’s also considered to be a brilliant physical activity for people who have conditions like arthritis since it’s easier on joints than other activities. The wealth of Portugal’s beautiful beaches gives visitors many swimming opportunities.


Various boating services for hire are found in Portugal with boat tours available to see dolphins and whales, or simply for fun. Boats are available for inland waterway cruising, Canal boat holidays or for sightseeing.

Jet Skiing

Learn to jet ski from talented and knowledgeable instructors who can have you up on your feet and cruising on the surface of the sparkling water in no time.

Canoeing & Kayaking

You’ll find canoeing and kayaking day trips and holiday adventures that appeal to everyone in your group. You can spend days exploring sites that other tourists might miss by not taking part in canoeing and kayaking adventures


Day lessons provide the information you’ll need to begin your surfing adventure, or to brush up on surfing skills with the advice and knowledge of talented surf instructors

Kite Surfing

Using kites for extra propulsion, this is one of the most exciting water adventures you can have in Portugal! You’ll find day lessons and specialized camps where you’ll learn the nuances of effective kite surfing for the most enjoyable adventures.

Paddle Boarding

You’ll quickly learn to stand and propel yourself on a surf style board while using a long paddle. This is also sometimes called stand up paddle boarding. With good instruction, you’ll soon be cruising along the top of the water. You’ll also learn important safety tips and rules for the most fun you can have in the safest way.


You’ll find experiences on yachts and schooners that provide a lifetime of memories. Your skippers and crew are knowledgeable and will quickly have you cruising along the rocky, scenic coastline past beautiful bays and panoramic beaches. With winds being predominantly easterly, you’re assured of a smooth ride on flat seas, serenaded by soft breezes.

Water Skiing

The climate in Portugal is perfect for the enjoyment of water skiing adventures. Whether you’re an expert water skier or a novice, there is always something to learn and you’ll find professional instructors who can lead you and help increase your knowledge.


With a perfect Mediterranean climate and with a reputation of one the largest producers of wind power in the entire world, Portugal has quickly become a Shangri-La for those who love windsurfing. Ideal conditions abound for the enjoyment of windsurfing, whether surfing is done on flat, calm waters or on exciting wave ramps.


Chartering a yacht is one of the most exciting ways to see the amazing panoramic views of the famous Algarve coastline. Portugal provides the perfect place for sports yacht lovers to enjoy stopping to swim in scenic grottos and coves, or simply cruising on the smooth glass like waters.

Recreational Diving

Learn all the nuances of recreational diving in larger classes taught by certified instructors, or enjoy a more personalized lesson experience in small groups. Whether you stick to scuba diving or decide to incorporate spearfishing, it is an experience to remember.


This ancient art of fishing while using specially designed spears is alive and well in Portugal and waiting for adventurers to experience the thrill of the sport. Today’s equipment includes spear guns that are powered by pneumatic or compressed gas components, or by elastic powered spear guns. Spearfishing is done through free-diving, scuba diving or recreational diving.

Perfect Climate and Water Conditions

The famously perfect climate of the Algarve region in Portugal makes this one of the premier destinations in the world for lovers of water sports. There are few things that rival the heart-pounding adventure of sporting pursuits on the water. When that’s combined with incredible scenery, the adventure becomes more breathtaking and memorable. We hope you can visit the Algarve soon and choose us to book your airport transfers from Faro airport.

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