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The Perfect Family Holiday In Algarve

is located in the Southern region of Portugal. The region is around 4,997 square kilometers and is divided into 16 municipalities. It has an international airport based in the city of Faro. One of the most prominent advantages of taking a holiday here is the cheap flights to Faro airport as well as efficient private Faro transfers.
The region is a melting point of tourists and revelers with tourism forming the backbone of the region’s economy. It therefore offers the perfect family holiday in Algarve.

Algarve is Portugal’s most popular tourist destination and among the most popular in the entire Europe. The region’s population almost triples during peak holiday seasons due to large number of seasonal visitors coming to the region. The region’s capital Faro is a gateway for thousands of tourists and is the largest in the entire Southern Portugal. Despite being a very old town, it is frequented by many sightseers. Its ancient history is characterized by sturdy defensive walls which are built on the Moorish and Roman foundations.

Tourist Attractions

Algarve has several tourist attractions. These include the Mediterranean climate, the beaches, cuisines and the fact that it is relatively cheap and secure. Some of the common beaches in the region are Armação de Pêra and Marinha Beach. Caldas de Monchique is a common SPA town in the region. Apart from its natural beaches and features, Algarve has invested heavily in developing a network of golf courses.

In addition to the natural features and beaches, the region is common for religious tourism. Notable sites which are common for annual pilgrimages include of Our Lady of Piety also called the Sovereign Mother. This is a Marian shrine which was dedicated to the patron saint of Loulé. The place attracts thousands of Catholic faithful every year. The region’s mild climate is a darling to many tourists from Northern Europe who always come for holiday and some even set up residences. The place is also good and fun to do shopping.

The region is also characterized by a vibrant culture mainly defined by pottery and ceramics. It is especially known for hand-painted azulejos and pottery. Azulejos are ceramic tiles glazed with tin. There are several pottery and ceramic shops in the region. Additionally, there are ceramic and pottery workshops in the towns of Loulé, Porches and Almancil. A traditional dance called Corridinho is commonly used to entertain guest who visit the region. There is a nearby esplanade which has a small marina and several lagoons lying beyond. The scenic natural park is also made of several islets and big sandbars which have their own beautiful beaches.


The region has a robust hospitality industry. It is endowed with accommodation facilities ranging from traditional hotels and guesthouses to high rise resorts. Resorts and hotels in Algarve are found in towns like Albufeira while guesthouses are found in villages and small towns.
Over the past 50 years and owing to increased tourists’ activities, the region has seen a lot of development with a lot of non-Portuguese developers flocking into the region. In the recent times however, many tourists visiting the region have shifted from resorts and now prefer spending time in the traditional guesthouses.


Algarve has a lot that make it stand out and make it one of the most preferred tourists destination in Europe. With the efficient transport and private Faro transfers, it is an ideal tourist destination. From a rich culture spanning centuries, the beautiful beaches, the pleasant Mediterranean climate to its vibrant hospitality industry characterized by high rise resorts and traditional hotels and guesthouses, it offers the perfect family holidays in Algarve.