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Carvoeiro Algarve
Portugal is an ideal holiday destination with its pristine beaches, its excellent wines, brilliant cuisine, and friendly people – so you really shouldn’t settle for less when you can have a great holiday experience without needing a huge budget. As the southernmost region of continental Portugal, Algarve is a great holiday destination with plenty of beaches and excellent cuisine on offer along the Mediterranean coast.

An idyllic village on Portugal’s southern coast, Carvoeiro Algarve is located just five kilometers south of the town of Lagoa and has a population of just 2,721. For much of its history Carvoeiro’s economy relied on fishing, but in the 1960s this started to change as the village was discovered as a great holiday destination and now the local economy is mostly focused on tourism. With an excellent combination of beaches, history, and serenity it’s the perfect place to rejuvenate yourself on your next holiday and it remains affordable on above all.

There are a number of places of interest to visit on your holiday in Carvoeiro Algarve aside from the sunny beaches and all of the things that you can do near the water. Since the area has been inhabited at least since the time of the Roman Empire, there’s a lot of history around. With a history of pirate attacks along the coast, there’s also a fort near Carvoeiro Algarve that can be a fascinating place to explore when you get the chance.

• Algar Seco
• Fort of Our Lady of the Incarnation/Shrine of Our Lady of the Incarnation
• Lighthouse of Alfanzina

Algar Seco is a natural rock formation in Algarve created by wave erosion just a little ways east of the main beach in Carvoeiro. Along with islets and grottoes, this is a great place to spot marine life – pods of bottlenose dolphins can often be seen, and occasionally blue whales have also been seen here.
The Fort of Our Lady of the Incarnation was built in 1670, damaged in the 1755 earthquake and eventually became a fiscal outpost some 200 years later, and has served as an important cultural attraction since the 20th century. There’s also a shrine inside the fort, which was completed in 1675 and overlooks the sea.
The Lighthouse of Alfanzina is another idyllic site, and the interiors are covered in azulejo tiles. The design is similar to other old lighthouses in Portugal.

In addition to the beach and the various historical sites, there are several excellent places around Carvoeiro Algarve to go out for good food or drinks. Being a coastal region and a fishing village, the mainstay here are various seafood preparations. Oranges are grown throughout Algarve, and these find their way into pastries and other sweets common in the region. And while seafood dishes are definitely the specialty here it’s possible to find a variety of different cuisines, with prices varied enough to fit any budget.

There are a number of hotels in Algarve, with a great variety to fit any budget – but because they can vary so much in terms of both price and availability, it’s a good idea to check on this beforehand to ensure that you’ve planned everything properly. There are a few five star hotels around Carvoeiro, and if these are out of your budget you shouldn’t worry because there are several more affordable options also.

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