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Visit Silves In Algarve Portugal

Silves Algarve is one of the most traditional areas in all of Portugal, it is a true delight for day trips from the western Algarve’s coastal resorts. Though the ambiance of the town is peaceful it almost does no justice to the town’s important rich history.

The town of Silves is both charming and laid back as compared to the hurried pace of Algarve’s coastal region. With a lot to offer, tourists visiting Silves can expect great sights, sounds, and smells from the best destination to make a day trip.

What To Expect From Silves

With Silves being known as the Algarve’s best town throughout the northern region, it gives you many opportunities to explore the true Portugal. Silves has experienced no modern day changes or construction for over 500 years.

With Silves being a destination worth fantasizing about, many tourists visit to immerse themselves in the region’s rich history. Some of this rich history includes Silves being the sole location for all trading and became a strategic focal point that was defended by both a solid wall and a castle. Besides being a major trading post, Silves was also considered a major port that saw a continuous amount of ships that made sail for both Northern Africa and Mediterranean. Ever since the reduction of the Arada River, the waterway is now utilized solely by private vessels.

Best Hotels in Silves Algarve

With Silves being a great travel destination, you would expect it to have some of the best hotels in Algarve. Well, you’re in luck because we included two of their top hotels that have been rated a 9 out of 10. Getting there is as easy as booking private airport transfers from Faro.

Vila Vita Parc

This Algarve hotel has the most breathtaking views of the sea, exclusive beach access, a wine cellar, spa, golf course, water sports access, tennis court, and two Michelin-starred restaurants. Guest rooms are scattered among the property which allows couples the seclusion that they are looking for.

The Conrad Algarve

The Conrad Algarve hotel boasts one of South Portugal’s sleekest spas. The hotel was modeled after a Portuguese palace that was built in the 18th century. While staying here you can enjoy their perfect atmosphere and the many choices of restaurants and pools as well as have access to their golf course and resort located in Quinta do Lago.

If you prefer the majestic ocean views, then the Conrad Algarve hotel won’t be what you are looking for. Although the hotel is centered between a mall and crop fields, it does offer some great access to their vast selection of guest services.

The Best Cheap Flights To Faro Airport

If you are planning a trip to Silves, it is a good idea to know when the best times to fly to Faro airport are. Ticket prices will vary depending on whether you visit during the peak season or off-season.

Peak Season Flights

The months of July and August is when Faro is usually flooded with tourists who are looking to soak up the sun. Your best bet for flights will be to purchase them during the spring months close to Easter if you plan to visit during the peak season. During these months you can also expect the beaches to be full which can also make booking cheap flights that much more difficult. If you plan to stick around in September then you will be able to enjoy some splendid festivals that the city holds during the first two weeks of the month.

Off-season Flights

While flights are available during the spring and autumn months, you need to make sure they are outside of the price offers which are specifically for tourists who plan to partake in festivities. Once you have finalized your flights you are on your way to enjoying some exquisite weather not found anywhere else. If you want to ensure your tickets are the cheapest available, your best bet would be to start looking in October, November, and December. This time frame is usually their rainy season so make sure that you pack proper clothes accordingly.

Silves Algarve Tourist Attractions

The main attraction that boasts the most tourists in Algarve is the red brick castle that impressively and instantly catches your attention in the distance. Although the original castle dates back to the 7th century, the castle and fortifications we now see and enjoy dates back to the 12th century. Throughout the centuries, the castle was the focus point for many military sieges.

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