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Visit Tavira In Algarve Portugal

The friendly warmth of the Portuguese people is the most attractive reason for visiting the country. Add to this the delicious cuisine, the unique sparkling green wine and jaw-dropping beaches, and you’ve found paradise. A country with an extensive history of conquest and commerce, international trade and spices, Portugal is one of the world’s most intriguing destinations.

Tavira is a charming fishing town in the Algarve, the romantic dream tourists have about visiting Portugal. The cobblestone streets along the river are wonderful to wander along in the sun while you look for a small cafe or restaurant to while away the afternoon. You can sit there with a bottle of wine as the sun sets and you enjoy conversation with your family and friends around a gorgeous dinner of shrimp and seafood.

Portugal in general is an inexpensive holiday destination, but Tavira in particular offers the most bang for your buck. This is because it is somewhat off the beaten path and is outside the main tourist centres in the Algarve. This economical holiday option is good for those trying to watch their expenses but still looking for an incredible travel experience. There is an inexpensive railway system that offers tourists an opportunity to further explore the eastern Algarve when based in Tavira. Since there are not as many visitors to this region, many of the attractions remain unspoiled and will give visitors a definite sense of local flavor.

Hotels in Algarve can vary in price and availability, so be sure to know what appeals most to you before you travel. If you want to stay near the beach, focus on that area. If you intend to explore the region it’s best to stay in the town near the available public transit. Tavira Algarve does not have a very wide range of hotel options, but this can be made up in the availability of both hostels and private apartment rentals available in the area.

Some of Portugal’s best beaches are located near Tavira Algarve. The Ria Formosa National Park means there are kilometers of beautiful white sand just waiting for you to sink your toes in. They’re a wonderful way to spend a day relaxing or swimming in the surf. For people who are interested in learning to surf, Portugal is one of the best places to do it. There are surf schools in the area that can help you learn how to catch a wave no matter your skill set or experience.

The town of Tavira is also steeped in culture. The story of the city continues to fascinate visitors to the area. History buffs will appreciate exploring the castle and learning about the town during Roman and Moorish times. It was also an important port during the Age of Discovery and served as one of the access points for expeditions to north Africa. The silting of the river and the subsequent earthquake made for an economic disaster in the region, and the fishing that replaced these activities is now likewise replaced with tourists as the economic heartbeat of the Algarve.

Cheap flights to Faro airport are available across the UK from TAP Portugal and other carriers. The cost is usually quite low, under £100 for a round-trip ticket. The flight is only a few hours at the most and you will be enjoying the sun in no time. Tavira is 35km from Faro and can be reached by train. There are also private transfer options that will bring you right into Tavira from Faro airport with no stress or hassles and better than regular taxis as they wait for you in the arrivals section and you can avoid waiting in line for a taxi at the airport.

This area in the Algarve is perfect for the traveler searching for a slower pace of life. Fishing, boating and relaxing are the order of the day in this region. For those who are interested in quiet contemplation, history and enjoyment, Tavira Algarve is an ideal destination. Those looking for a loud party scene will need to look elsewhere because this area is distant from the large water parks and other attractions of the Algarve. For people who are looking for a slower pace of life beneath the palms, this is a little piece of paradise.

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