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Vilamora Hotels

Vilamora Hotels

Anyone can go on a holiday – beaches, water, sightseeing. Why simply settle for a cookie-cutter holiday experience when you can visit the perfection that is Vilamoura, the glamorous resort located on the southern coast of Algarve in beautiful Portugal? Vilamoura Algarve is one of Europe’s largest individual tourist locations, encompassing nearly 20 square kilometers of land.


Vilamoura, Algarve, is more than just a picturesque location for holidaying. At this expansive resort you will find something to satisfy your every whim, from relaxing to revving up the excitement, including:

  • Two sun-bronzed beaches
  • A half-dozen top rated golf courses
  • A sports complex
  • A tennis center
  • A shooting club
  • A Lawn Bowling Club complete with 3 grass greens
  • A 5-star riding school
  • Fully furnished apartments available for tourist rental
  • 4- and 5- star hotels in Algarve and nearby
  • Exquisite villas featuring private catering services
  • Exciting night clubs
  • An International Casino
  • Portugal’s largest marina


Enjoy comfortable yet cheap flights to Faro airport in Algarve’s Golden Triangle and begin your dream excursion by acquainting yourself with a bit of the history of Vilamoura Algarve, Portugal, starting with the Roman ruins of Cerro da Vila. This ancient seaside location featured public baths where the mariners could bathe as they returned from the sea. Tours of the ruins are available as well as visits to the museum dedicated to the site.


The crown jewel of Vilamoura is her incredible marina, the largest in all of Portugal. The Algarve marina can accommodate more than 1,000 vessels at a time. Charter boats are available for big game fishing, and parascending and jet skiing facilities are located nearby. The marina was established in 1974, and today it is surrounded by the extravagant year-round homes of local residents as well as luxury hotels, 3 to 5-star restaurants, and a variety of locales which are the favorites of natives and visitors alike.


A wide variety of recreational activities are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as on the weekends for the convenience of residents and tourists.
The most extravagant yet welcoming hotels in Vilamoura are located directly on the golden sands of it’s beaches. Watch the sun come up on the ocean’s horizon as you enjoy breakfast, or bring a perfect day to a close with a glass of wine by candlelight, feeling the refreshing ocean breeze caress your skin, all from the comfort and privacy of your own hotel balcony.


You will think you have stepped into the pages of a magazine or a travel brochure when you experience the decadence of lounging on the beach “Purobeach” style – on loungers, sofas, and canopy-topped beds on the glittering sands of Praia da Marina in front of the Tivoli Marina Hotel.


Tours abound in Vilamoura Algarve. Whether your adventurous nature yearns for ATV/off-road quad touring, something of an aquatic nature, or something with a bit more excitement involved – like a hot-air balloon tour or skydiving – you will have no trouble finding exactly what your heart desires. You can also charter your own vessel for a day of fishing, diving, or just basking in the sun.

If your idea of R & R includes motor sports, mountain biking, archery, horseback riding, etc, Algarve will be your own personal paradise. With tracks, trails, and facilities both indoors and out, you will always be able to find something to satisfy your sportsman’s spirit.

Is your heart set on a day of shopping and visiting the local attractions? Algarve is home to some of the country’s most beautiful monuments, churches, and castles just waiting to welcome visitors and share their charm and history. Nearby you will find markets and shops guaranteed to delight.

Can’t make up your mind which activities you want to jump into or what sights to see first? Relax a bit and get into the spirit of your holiday getaway by climbing aboard the resort’s tourist train which runs every half hour. For about 3 eruos the train will take you on a trip around the resort, allowing you to see the sights in comfort while planning your holiday adventures.


Your time is valuable. Memories are made to be looked back upon with smiles and happiness. Few experiences in life will afford you the wonderful memories that will be made when you experience the beauty and adventure that awaits you in Vilamoura, Portugal. Plan your next holiday in incredible Vilamoura and book your airport transfers with Faro Airport Transfers.

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