What is the Algarve like in the Autumn?



We have made this short video to remind you of how beautiful the Algarve is at any time of the year and also because #wemissyou! There are many reasons to visit the Algarve region in Portugal and an excellent time to do it is during the Autumn season. You may be thinking to yourself.. Isn’t it cold in the Algarve in the Autumn? Doesn’t it rain constantly? If it’s so great, why don’t more people visit in the Autumn season? These questions and more will be answered in this post, right after this video taken on the beach in November 2017:

So far, wearing shorts and a t-shirt this year in the Autumn has been the norm, the temperatures have been great and when it does rain, it only happens for a couple of hours and the Sun returns quickly in all it’s glory. The average rainfall in the Algarve allows for worry free bookings, because to be honest, it does not really rain much here. If you would like to learn more about the Algarve weather, click on that link where we go in to more detail on a previous blog post.

Here are some other excellent reasons to visit the Algarve in the Autumn:

– If you are sensitive to very hot temperatures, you will have nothing to worry about in the Autumn season.
– Prices for hotels in the Algarve literally enter in to a free-fall and amazing deals can be found everywhere.
 – If you choose to rent an apartment and stay for a couple of weeks, a month, or two or three (growing trend!) you will find that you will be paying less in rent than it possibly costs you to pay for your heating bill back home.
– Are you thinking about renting a car? Go see the price differences and be amazed at how much cheaper they are in the low season, due to companies having to slash prices to meet fleet maintenance expenses.
– Do you like to eat out? You will be in for a treat as the quality of the food does not suffer at all in the low seasons, actually becoming much less expensive and with the added benefit of getting to meet the owners in various occasions as they have much more time to engage with their customers when the hectic Summer months are over.
– More reasons? Sure! One excellent reason is that locals are actually nicer if you can believe that is possible, because the intense stress of catering to literally millions of visitors has passed and they are now in a position to enjoy the region without the heavy road traffic, large supermarket lines and all the other normal inconveniences of a busy tourist destination.

Well, we could go on and on about various other reasons for you to visit us in the less busy seasons, but we do not want to spoil any surprises you may encounter by giving away the full story. Lets go back to the initial questions:

Isn’t it cold in the Algarve in the Autumn? No!

Doesn’t it rain constantly? No!

If it’s so great, why don’t more people visit in the Autumn season?

Great question! Why?! Seriously.. book those cheap flights (oops.. that’s an other great reason..) and visit Portugal throughout the year. If you plan ahead, the benefits you will reap, both financially and service wise will make you wonder why you have not been coming over here for years. 

There is an ever increasing trend of long term visitors who come for the winter to escape demanding local weather in their hometowns, namely Canadians, English, Irish, Scandinavians among others who end up having a great time here and at the fraction of the cost they would support by not going anywhere for the winter.

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Thank you for visiting the Algarve region in sunny Portugal where every season is a pleasure to experience!